news for november

My husband is finally home from Fargo for good and he started a new job – a local job.  Yay for that!  I was so thankful to have him home for Christmas and we had a blast with our friends on New Year’s Eve.  Valentine’s Day was also very nice.  He sent me a dozen roses and a Diablo III t-shirt from ThinkGeek.

I am now a working woman!  I became a certified Zumba Instructor in November 2015 and I teach it 3 days a week at the local YMCA.  I also teach a toning class 2 days a week.  I get to work at the front desk a few days a week, as well.  It’s really nice because I’m able to get the boys on the bus in the morning and I’m home before they get out of school.  I can also take them with me on the days that they don’t have school, so I don’t have to worry about finding a baby sitter.  The other nice part about my job is that it has built in stress relief because even though I still get nervous about getting up in front of a bunch of women, I feel so good after class.

I haven’t been able to game much since Gen Con but now that my husband is home, I’m hoping to get back into it.  I am really looking forward to Who’s Yer Con in March because I can play games that I love and it’s free!  I’m also co-running a Savage Worlds game with a friend of mine.  I’m a little nervous about it because I’m not super familiar with the system but I have time to learn it.  I’ve also reached out to some people on twitter and I am going to start playing in some online games on G+.  I still miss my original gaming group, though.

I took the boys to a local game store last weekend for a kid’s Pathfinder event.  I have run a few adventures for them from the Beginner Box but this was the first time they have played an organized game.  Zach really surprised me by picking the wizard and Xander chose the fighter (who he renamed Plant Killer).  The local Pathfinder Society ran modules from last year’s Gen Con Kid’s Track.  It was a fun day but the kids got a little antsy after 2 adventures.  The PFS had planned on running all 4 adventures but ended up only running 3.  I’m hoping that they decide to run the last one at some point in the future because I’d like to take the boys again.

I’m excited about this upcoming weekend because my husband and I are attending a charity gala on Saturday.  We get to dress up and a friend is going to do my hair for me because I am crap at it.  Hopefully, I can get her to do my makeup, too!  We’re going to go with a group of friends and have dinner and we get to dance the night away.  And it’s a kid-free evening!

Who’s Yer Con 2015

Who’s Yer Con 2015

I haven’t really been able to game since Gen Con of last year so I am super excited about Who’s Yer Con.  It’s on the west side of Indy from March 15 – 17th and the best part about it is that it’s FREE!!!  I am happy to say that I was able to get into all of the games that I really wanted to play in, so woo hoo for that!

Here is my schedule:

Pathfinder 12 PM
Savage Worlds RPG 6PM

You Too Can Cthulhu 9 AM
Rippers: The Horror Wars 1 PM
Savage Worlds RPG 6 PM

Pathfinder 9 AM